Etiquette IQ

Q: Who’s name is mentioned first in an introduction?

A: The person you are honoring or the eldest, the highest ranking official

Q: When is it appropriate to shake hands?

A: Always

Q: How do you know when to call someone by his or her first name?

A: When they tell you to

Q: What is the correct response to thank you?

A: You’re welcome.

Q: Is email always appropriate?

A: No, there are times when a handwritten note will make all the difference.

Q: At a party you’re stuck with a “boring” individual, what should you do?

A: Introduce them to someone else

Q: If served appetizers from a server’s tray, how many should you take?

A: 1 if you have a napkin, 2 if you have a plate

Q: What do you do with the tiny straw that is sometimes in a drink?

A: Stir drink with it, not sip thru it

Q: If handed a wine cork, would you sniff, squeeze or take a bite of it?

A: Sniff it only if you are a wine connoisseur

Q: If someone honors you with a toast, when should you drink?

A: After everyone else

Q: What would you do if your nose starting running during dinner?

A: Use a tissue or handkerchief

Q: If you drop a utensil on the floor in a restaurant, should you pick it up?


Q: In a restaurant how can you tell when a dinner meeting is over?

A: When the corporate host asks for the check OR crumples up their napkin

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